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About me

My name is Gaye Akkan. I was born in Ankara on a Sweet May morning. I graduated from Çankaya university, department of Political science and International Relations in 2008. I took pilates and yoga training from Dr. Brent Anderson and many academies, establishing my öten studio and teaching pilates for many years.

The geometry and symbols that ı have used in all my paintings since my childhood emphasized that the birth of my inner life purpose has now taken place. After the “centro dell’incisione” workshop ı attended in Milan,I saw winds of”cubism” blowing in my works. With an unlimited artistic instinct I opened my own exhibitions with many designs and paintings.

I held my first exhibition called “New Life” on 12 November 2022 hosted by Meg Bebek in İstanbul. On March 21,2023, ı donated my paintings to the exhibition “ ı have a Daughter in Anatolia” at the Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Center.

Now ı am very excited to meet you and introduce my works. Everthing starts with a breath, let it come to life with art.